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Richard Fireman, M.D. recently retired from the practice of medicine. He moved to Western North Carolina with his wife JoAnna in 1998 where they helped design and build a solar home on the Ivy River in Mars Hill. The home has solar hot water and grid linked photo voltaic electric power. His passion is spiritually based ecological activism. He founded the Green Sangha of WNC to explore the Buddhist path to environmental engagement. For the past three years he has been the Western Regional Director of N.C. Interfaith Power & Light, a program of the N.C. Council of Churches.

As a student of Father Thomas Berry and deep ecology he believes that humanity is poised on the cusp of either continuing a death spiral into cultural and ecologic collapse, or a transformation of human society into a life enhancing age, named the Ecozoic Age by Berry. This will entail not only a reinvention of the conventional human institutions such as business, government, education, law, and medicine, but a transformation of the human spirit. He believes that our joy, passion, determination, and creativity are fully capable to create a sustainable earth democracy, in which the rights of all beings, both human and other than human can live into the highest potential of their evolutionary capacity.

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